Sogno Flooring Destroyed My Floor

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A very poor tile installation job. The 24 inch tiles on my 1100 sq ft of space was uneven and set with the wrong tile set for the size of tiles. None of the tiles were set and starting coming out in 2 weeks. I had to hire another installer and have the tiles removed and re installed with the correct thin set and levelled the proper way. He has cost me a lot of money and has not refunded any of it very untrustworthy avoid at all cost. Look at these reviews before you hire he keeps deleting the facebook ones.!/SognoFlooringInc


Orlando, Florida, United States #810475

This is the worst company I have ever experienced!!!What a total rip off.

He talks like he knows what he is doing, and may know in his mind, but can't make it happen in the job. We spent a lot of money on our bathroom. The next day, tiles were loose, cracked and the towel bars he installed came off the wall on one side. We had to call in a real professional who wanted to know who did the horrible job.

Everying had to be ripped out again, all that money wasted. When he did the shower floor, he didn't even put anything down the drain to block material from going in the ptrap, so that also had to be redone. I am going to file a claim with better business and also seek payment refunded. Makes me wonder who listed him as 5 star???

Maybe his friends????? I enen had him install 2 handicapp rails in the shower and they are also loose.

He offered to come back, but why would I want him back with the horrible work he did the first time.

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